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In 1930s, an American steel company produced a product that they named “corten steel” and they were the first corten producer.

corten producer

Now, we can say that corten steel (also commonly known as weathered steel) is a commonly used group of steel alloys that are often used in outdoor buildings and outdoor signs vice versa. They were designed to look good without having to need paint them. When left outside and exposed to different kinds of weather conditions, they will start to look rusted in a few months’ time. The rusted image looks satisfying and urban, but in case you may not want this, corten’s oxidized dark brown coat of color actually protects the metal work and protects it from developing any deeper rust and prevents from causing damage.

Why Choose Us?

WCM Factory Inc. is a part of WCM Group and it operates in the metal and works as a corten producer. Our company has successfully completed numerous private and public projects in Turkey and abroad. All the projects our firm undertakes operate in 4000 m² production facilities in Hadımköy, İstanbul, Turkey. As a corten producer in Turkey, we follow international quality standards, we care about the environment and we make sure of our workers’ safety. Our company has a wide product portfolio that you can check out by contacting us. Our wide product portfolio as a corten producer includes sign boards, kiosks, store stands, totem signages, product display stands, in-car stands, plexi designs and lighted shelving systems. We also do custom products as per our customers’ requests, and make your designs become a reality. You can contact us, a corten producer in Turkey, from our email adress or our phone number +90 212 485 05 35. You can also check out our other projects in other websites,,

Contact Us

We are the WCM Group’s corten production brand CORTEN TURKEY. Please contact us for more information about our decorative and architectural corten products.

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